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Technology / 2018-08-29 / Posted by admin

Blockchain Technology

Do not get confused it with astrological findings. Blockchain is the technology that has shined in 2017 because of the Bitcoin hype. It is believed that blockchain will revolutionize nearly every industry and more companies are considering blockchain development and blockchain-related services every day.

Blockchain is a network of interconnected peer-to-peer devices. This technology provides for the absence of central computers, as well as the lack of clearly defined locations where all data is stored. The technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering millions across the globe to authenticate and transact large-scale, non-cash transactions immediately and without costly intermediaries. The implementation and acceptance will also be witnessed in other, broader fields such as administration, healthcare and supply chain to streamline processes.

IBM is a leader and already has been building relationships with banks, food distributors, and government regulatory agencies to use blockchain for financial transactions. Other technology giants, like Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon, are stepping up to introduce exclusive blockchain platforms. This means that businesses will need software applications that support blockchain and their demand for blockchain developers is going rise. The year 2018 will be a gold rush for developers who devote themselves to this demand and many of them will end up a lot richer.

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